Corbyn’s response to the budget

Here is a summary of the key points Jeremy Corbyn made in his response to the budget. The full speech can be found here, or you can watch the embedded video above.

On the budget generally

It’s a record of failure with a forecast of more to come …

The test of a budget is how it affects the reality of people’s lives all around this country. I believe as the days go ahead and this budget unravels, the reality will be a lot of people will be no better off and the misery many are in will be continuing.

On growth, productivity and wages being revised down

What sort of strong economy is that? What sort of fit for the future is that?

On the homelessness proposals

Three new pilot schemes for rough sleepers simply doesn’t cut it. It is a disaster for those people sleeping on our streets, forced to beg for the money for a night shelter. They’re looking for action now from government to give them a roof over their heads.

On universal credit

The chancellor’s solution to a failing system causing more debt is to offer a loan, and the six-week wait, with 20% waiting even longer, simply becomes a five-week wait.

This system has been run down by 3 billion of cuts to work allowances, the two-child limit and the perverse and appalling rape clause, and caused evictions because housing benefit isn’t paid direct to the landlord.

On the public services

We have had the rhetoric of a long term economic plan that never meets its targets when what all too many are experiencing is long term economic pain – and the hardest hit are disabled people, single parents and women.

The chancellor has not been clear today – not for NHS workers, our police, firefighters, teachers, teaching assistants, bin collectors, tax collectors or armed forces personnel. Why does the government think its OK to under pay, over stress and under appreciate all those that work within our NHS?

We’ll wait for the small print on today’s announcement, but even what he’s said falls well short of the £6bn Labour would have delivered from our June manifesto.

On the house-building measures

With this government delivering the worst rate of house building since the 1920s and 250,000 fewer council homes, any commitment would be welcome.

But we’ve been here before. The government promised 200,000 starter homes three years ago. Not a single one has yet been built in those three years.

We need a large scale publicly funded house building programme, not this government’s accounting tricks and empty promises.

Corbyn’s peroration

We were promised with lots of hype a revolutionary budget, the reality is nothing has changed. People were looking for help from this budget and they have been let down: let down by a Government that, like the economy they have presided over, is weak and unstable and in need of urgent change. They call this a budget fit for the future, the reality is this is a government no longer fit for office.

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